BLM Art and Photography

In response to the current Black Lives Matter protests in the United States of America, and around the world, artists have been creating works to further support the movement.

TAMK students and alumni shared their own works, expressing their views and allyship.

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#BlackLivesMatter by @thejoutsen

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Swipe to read what this painting is about… obviously not talking from own experiences, and Iโ€™m privileged enough to also be addressing this from an entirely other country as well. If you donโ€™t know – in the US, Black people are more likely to die from the covid-19 pandemic as a result of multiple factors like racial bias, redlining, poverty & wealth inequality, and more, to the extent that Black Americans are three times more likely to die compared to white Americans (APM Research Lab, May 20). At the same time during a deadly global pandemic we are seeing incarceration rates go down, arrests go down, crime rates go down and yet we are not seeing the rate of murders committed by police go down. Like the death of #breonnataylor who was killed IN HER OWN HOME by police who got the wrong house. And at the same time we are seeing entitled stupid idiots gather in the streets to protest a virus with zero violent reactions against these white people who think their hair is more important than peopleโ€™s lives. Where is the reaction from the police towards these people who donโ€™t care if people die? Compared to the countless arrests made in peaceful protests by Black people trying to get police to have the HUMANITY TO STOP KILLING THEM. The bar is so fucking low. I obviously canโ€™t understand what Black people in the US are feeling right now but I encourage others who follow me with similar privileges to not ignore what is happening in the US and to educate yourself about it. Stop being friends with racists. Stop talking to racists. Stop trying to please racists – these are not people we should value in society, we should not value racists opinions. Stop ignoring it as if it isnโ€™t happening. #blacklivesmatter

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