Generation2020 at Amos Rex

In February the exhibition, Generation 2020, opened its doors at Amos Rex, Helsinki. The exhibition features 80 young artists, from 18 to 25. The 150+ artworks of the exhibition take us through subjects, such as sexual identity, climate change, technology and future, well-being, craftmanship and visual arts traditions as well as social and personal memory.

Two of TAMK’s students are part of Generation2020, Soyoung Chung and Annika Korhonen.

Before the exhibition opened, Isabella Presnal sat down with TAMK Fine Arts student and artist Soyoung Chung to talk about her artwork, experience at TAMK and living in Finland.

You can watch the video here:

However, Amos Rex closed in compliance with the regulations from the Finnish authorities that have been made in response to the current Corona-crisis, in March. During their temporary closure, Amos Rex held online tours in different languages, had online exhibitions, and activities to do from home to enjoy art. There have been more than 160,000 digital art experiences while the museum was closed.

Now, on June 1st Amos Rex is reopening their doors in accordance with Finnish government guidelines. People can still visit the online exhibition, and activities from home. The exhibition will be open till August 23rd, 2020.

You can also visit Amos Rex thanks to City of Helsinki and Zoan.

Remember that while places are reopening, to stay safe, practice physical distancing and follow guidelines.

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