Thursday, 23rd of April

In the morning we had the Fine Art video pitching session hosted by Fanny Niemi-Junkola with Tytti Rantanen, program coordinator from AV-Arkki, & Jenni Toikka, visual artist.

You can watch the films here or on our YouTube channel.

Afterward, we had the final lunchtime discussion hosted by Sohvi. The special guest was Chris Smith, who discussed how humor in memes has been used as a coping mechanism during this time of COVID-19.

It was a small group of us but the conversation was very fun and interesting.

The afternoon was very busy with first the Career Guidance for Fine Arts by Fanny Niemi-Junkola. Tytti Rantanen had a presentation about how to make a good application when applying for art funds for video works. A very informative talk.

Later we had a fun Games Demo session. The Games Academy students presented their games and received feedback from James Field.

Our last event, the INTAC panel was a great success, with INTAC professors and students, and listeners from around the world! The panel led to many discussions about how to connect online, and how INTAC as a project has worked over the years.

In the evening Anna hosted the last concert of the week. It was a great party, with lights and interesting graphics from Tuomo, and great music and dancing!

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