Halfway through iWeek!

It’s Wednesday the 22nd, and we’re already halfway through the week! How did this happen?

It’s been really great so far with many people from around the world; we have people attending from Uruguay, Canada, Mexico, South Korea, and more!

Today started with the RDI workshop hosted by TAMK’s Research, Development and Innovation (RDI) Services; Hanna-Greta Puurtinen, Päivi Puutio, Ella Kallio Perttu, and Heino, RDI Director.

They discussed how creative fields could create solutions for a COVID-19 exit plan, and what positive opportunities it could have in the future. Timo Kivikangas presented RDI project example Finest, Excite, and Jukka Holm & Juha Suonpää presented CoroPrevention, and Virtual Medicine.

They worked in groups to develop a COVID-19 Exit Plan.

In Sohvi’s lunch time discussion we discussed how the pandemic and crisis will change the culture and arts fields, with guest Albert van der Kooij.

During the discussion we talked about how artists and creators are being creative during this time, for example the POIKKEUSTILA 2020 project by TAMK Film and TV students documenting their life during this time.

We talked about how our Zoom concerts have been a challenge, because there is that lack of connection that there is in live gigs. We’ve found that the audience doesn’t often turn on their cameras so there is a bit of lack in communication or reaction to the performances.

P.S. Join our concert on Thursday, sign up here.

“The phrase “oh man, you had to be there” is redundant now, everyone could ‘be there’ but actually ‘no one was able’.” – Graham Cooper (UoL)

What is the future? Will we go back to the “normal”?

The afternoon we had an EMEX workshop by Carita Forsgren, Kirsi Karimäki, Tuomo Joronen! International students of the online course presented their ideas about Volucap Technology usage in Virtual production.

In the evening we had a fun drawing evening. First we had a small workshop by Mario Orozco from Mexico who taught us some basics in character design. Afterwards we had a fun live drawing session with Tuomo.

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