Day 2 of iWeek 2020

This morning started off with an introduction to the Fine Art Degree Show, AtomicJungle, by Fanny. It was fascinating to hear some of the artists talk about their original intentions of the works, and how they changed to adapt to a virtual exhibition. Hopefully we can see a physical exhibition in Finlayson area this fall.

A brief break to grab some lunch, before Sohvi’s lunch time discussion with Executive Producer Eeva Jäntti from Arilyn. It was a fruitful hour as Eeva showed, and we tested at home, various Arilyn projects using AR.

In the afternoon we had the second portion of Tibor’s workshop, as well as a panel discussion led by Harri Karvinen to discuss the affects of COVID-19 in the music industry.

Sohvi was double streaming and tuning in on both the workshop and panel!

During the concert we had NIA, a Performance in Chatroulette, and Zinoviev

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