Join our Virtual concerts!

This year we will be hosting three virtual concerts Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, all starting at 9pm.

There will be music, and performances, and hosted by our very own Anna Haaraoja.

Monday we’ll have a Forks & Mics session from Kite Records featuring Nestori Kumpunen with a live Q&A. Additonally, OCADU student Ruby-Anne Kakoutis will have a drawing and poetry performance, and to end the night Roope Yliaho, a man with his guitar.

Tuesday will be a party with music Flower Power by NIA, a theoretical and artistic performance by Gwyneth Nava and Paulina Vázquez using Chatroulette. Zinoviev is an experience – state of mind.

Thursday’s concert we’ll have BBGJAP by Ximena Fabián a Live DJ Set, Plastic Bitch dark electronic music, and finally, U9.

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