iWeek 2020 Day 1

The first day of our first virtual iWeek is done!

This morning we got up early for our 9 am team meeting to discuss the final details and people’s tasks for the day.

We were busy bees working away to send out emails and finishing a few texts. Our WhatsApp chat blowing up all morning as we messaged updates and asked questions.

The songwriting workshop went without a hitch.

We recorded the Opening Ceremony hosted by Sohvi so you can watch it if you missed it.

The workshops by Tibor Kecskes has a great day, as the group discussed art, philosophy, architecture and design, to politics and human rights. TAMK student Teuta Pashnjari explains that the entire group was participating in the discussions and how she “can’t wait for tomorrow” for more!

Tonight we’ll join in on the first concert of the week, hosted by Anna Haaraoja.

After a bit of a tough start, Vincent Masse of KITE Records shared the Forks&Mics session with Nestori Kumpunen. You can watch the session now on their YouTube channel.

Later in the evening, Roope Yliaho played an acoustic session, as he described “just a man and a guitar.”

Night ended off with a performance by Ruby-Anne Kakoutis and Aranza Rameriz.

We want to apologize to everyone who attended and performers for the large issue of bullies and inappropriate behaviour by rude people. Thank you to Anna and our moderator for working hard to kick these people out and we are working to make the rest of the week better.

Remember to tag us @iWeekTAMK and use #iWeekTAMK in your posts on social media so we can see, and share them!

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