Amazine – the digital zine featuring artists

Amazine is an online zine made together with 20 of the Media & Arts’ creators. The first issue of Amazine is published with one artist per day from April 6th to May 1st.

Meet the creator behind Amazine

Hello! I am Elina, and now in my third-year of studies in the Fine Art path. Born and raised in a Helsinki suburb I have found home in Tampere, which first attracted me because of the city’s vibrant (sub)culture life and down-to-earth nature. I’m a person of “too many” interests, since I’m really into life in general, and for that I’m often trying to multitask.

At this time among other things, I am learning to weave to make ryas and collecting and studying the resources for my final thesis, which will be around the theme of nature connection and the human-Earth relationship.

What is Amazine?

Amazine is a platform for art and a place for connection. (And probably my favourite personal school project of this year!) 

A zine is by the Merriam-Webster’s definition “a noncommercial often homemade or online publication usually devoted to specialized and often unconventional subject matter.”

For Amazine, the unconventional is merely existing for the fun of creating and sharing. I’ve found myself sometimes taking things too seriously when making art and failing because of trying too hard, instead of just enjoying. With Amazine I’m learning to ease.

Why did you start Amazine?

There are so many wonderful creators among us Media & Arts students, who might not even know of each other. I’ve also felt a sense of community missing from our campus as the study paths rarely meet. That’s why I wanted to make a small collective work, to bring us closer with art. 

A month ago I was still thinking of how to print the zine and how many copies, but now with the accessible online platform, we can come together although being apart. Created one day at a time with 20 artists and creators, Amazine is slowly finding itself and helping me to get up before 12 each morning.

Read here: The Media & Art zine Amazine

Interview with Elina, conducted by Luiza Preda, and edited by Isabella Presnal.

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