TAMK Student Films

Everyone now has a lot more time at home. If you’re getting bored of just scrolling through Netflix or YouTube, we made a list of TAMK films! These short films were made by our students from the Finnish and English degree programs so there’s something for everyone!

YouTube Playlist

If Monopoly was an Anime (English Subtitles)

What happens when you take a family playing Monopoly and turn it into anime?

Well… This! The main character, Eetu battles against his dad to become the best Monopoly player of the house. Who shall perish and who shall rise to become the greatest player there ever was…

Äiti Moppaa

Äiti Moppaa is a realistic drama of a relationship between a young mother and a daughter. Under a high school reunion, 25-years old Marika runs into an old classmate. Meeting makes Marika doubt her own life and drives her into making unexpected choices.

Neitsytmatka – Lyhytelokuva

Neitsytmatka kertoo nuoren parin kommelluksien täyteisestä matkasta makuuhuoneen puolelle ensimmäistä kertaa.

Virgin Voyage is a story about a young couple’s clumsy journey under the sheets for their first time.

IRRALLISET – lyhytelokuva

IRRALLISET kertoo omia paikkojansa etsivistä lukiolaisnuorista, joiden tarinat lomittuvat toisiinsa. Päällimmäisenä on kysymys siitä, kuinka pitkälle onnellisuuden ja hyväksynnän tavoittelun voi viedä.

IRRALLISET tehtiin osana uudenlaista mediakasvatusprojektia, jossa joukko lukiolaisia sai omat tarinansa kuuluviin. Neljässä päivässä kuvattiin alunperin viiden lyhytelokuvan sarja, joka esitettiin myöhemmin Yle Areenassa. Tämä on sarjasta leikattu tarinoita yhdistelevä elokuvaversio.

The Dreamer

The Dreamer is an experimental video that explores what happens inside of someone’s brain in the process of dreaming.

Dreams are intuitive, spontaneous products of the dreamer’s unconscious psyche. The content and purpose of dreams are not fully understood, although they have been a topic of scientific, philosophical and religious interest throughout history.

On the other hand, technology is exact, precise. Its aim is to create perfect, intelligent machines that can solve humanity’s problems.
But these machines and technologies are not neutral facilitators: they embody our politics and biases, they extend beyond the boundaries of nations and exceed the understanding of even their creators. As a result, we understand less and less about the world as these powerful technologies assume more control over our everyday lives.

The modern mind wants everything to be clear, well-organized and to serve a specific purpose. But humans easily forget that life is more like a dream – spontaneous, nonlinear and unpredictable.

Ajan kanssa

Ajan kanssa on elokuva hyväksynnän etsimisestä sekä siitä, kun sitä ei löydä sieltä, mistä sitä eniten kaipaisi.

With Time is a movie about seeking acceptance and when you don’t find it where you need it the most.


Tilipäivä kertoo addiktista, joka petettyään rakkaansa luottamuksen joutuu olemaan itselleen rehellinen siitä, mikä on hänelle elämässä oikeasti tärkeintä.

The short film Tilipäivä tells about an addict who has to be honest with himself what’s really important in his life.

Tectonic Temper

Tectonic Temper follows a young woman, Maria, who is going through a difficult time, unaware that her emotions are affecting the world around her. Her professor, Noa Nachman, is trying to solve a world-shaking mystery.

Vuotaa, Perkele – Lyhytelokuva (Eng. subtitles)

Vuotaa perkele kertoo puhumisen vaikeudesta ja siitä, mistä hyvässä arpaonnessa todella on kyse.

Vuotaa, perkele is a story about the difficulty of communication, and what good luck of the draw is really about.


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