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March Exhibitions

In March, many of our students set up exhibitions to showcase their work. Let’s recap what there was.

Year One

On the second and third of March, our first-year students held an exhibition YEAR ONE, featuring first-year students’ works. The exhibition took place at the Mediapolis campus in Kuva Studios.

There were paintings, music, and videos by first-year Media and Arts students. It was a great look into what our students have been working on.

On the Shore of Consciousness

The first exhibition at the café Laikku, Kulttuurikahvila Laikku, is featuring Jonathan Carey (TAMK student) and Hanna-Mari Ristimäki. The exhibition titled On Shores of Consciousness exhibits self-reflective photographs and text-illustrations.

Featured Artist Luiza Preda

During the month of March, TAMK student, Luiza Preda has an exhibition at Galleria Ronga with a selection of her black and white photos from I CAN’T SEE and Insight-Out. The exhibition is held in the office of the gallery.

I CAN’T SEE is a photography project that focuses on the effects of the digitalized Selfie in the 21st-century where fine art photography becomes underestimated again.

The photographs are created directly from the camera. No post-processing effects were used.

Insight-Out represents Preda’s Bachelor thesis project. All works are created directly from the camera. No post-processing effects were used.

The research focuses on the performative act of photography and how it can be used as a therapeutic practice using the light-painting technique.

Bits of Us

A group of female Fine Arts students exhibits in Tullintori (first floor), in their exhibition Bits of Us. The exhibition showcased their diverse artworks, from paintings, photographs, a video installation, and sculpture.


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