12th Resonance – Sound & Illusion

Fri & Sat 08.04 – 09.04.2022
By Dr. Ari Koivumäki

Registration: https://www.lyyti.in/resonanssi12

12th Resonance is an event for audio professionals, media students and everyone interested in sound design, held 8 – 9.4.2022 in Tampere Mediapolis, Paidia at Nokia Arena and G-Livelab.
This year’s theme is Sound & Illusion: how do we perceive our surroundings and create sonic illusions out of it? The event is organized by TAMK/media, Aalto/ELO and YLE. Our purpose is to enhance the uses of sound design in media and get together with practitioners, theorists, and teachers.

Program is about to include the following:

  • Making of Reality TV in Netherlands vs in Finland
  • AI and copyrights in sound design?
  • Soundscapes for documentaries?
  • Composing illusions?
    -Virtual loudspeakers
  • G-Livelab/Genelec Aural Id
  • AI and Neural DSP
    More info soon, See you in Resonance!
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